Alsalam Pharmaceuticals

– is a Libyan company set up to be from the leading distributers& importers of pharmaceutical and medical equipment products in the Libyan country.
– Alsalam Pharmaceutical provides the healthcare professionals with their requirements to improve the quality of life of the patient.
– in hospital as well as home.
– Alsalam Pharmaceutical has partnered up with Leading Libyan Pharmaceutical agencies for many multinational and international companies to supply the Libyan market with Quality and Affordable pharmaceuticals. With our main offices and warehousing in Tripoli we supply and promote our range of pharmaceutical products in most of Territories through our own distribution network including selected and reliable distributors.
– Our impeccable service is a guarantee of quality and efficiency that passes value to the customer.

Our Aim

“Our aim has been to gain the trust of the Libyan citizen and to give our foreign partners high standard facilities and services so they know their products are in safe hand”

Sales & Marketing

– Our ultimate aim is to offer our clients the excellent service they expect to the benefit of the patients.
– Our Medical Representatives are all qualified professionals in their respective fields, who can offer healthcare professionals an updated and professional information service.
– Our Sales Team works close with our clients to ensure that their needs are being addressed in an appropriate and timely manner.
– We strive to offer an innovate and professional approach to our services and marketing activities.

Storage & Logistics

– With over 1000m2 of floor space, Alsalam has central and modern warehousing facilities enable the order processing to be carried out in a rapid and efficient manner. We boast to deliver the required products within 24 hours.
– Our reputation for quality and affordable products is enhanced by our excellent and extensive distribution network and delivery service.
– To ensure that all pharmacies in the Libyan country are supplied with our products, Alsalam has developed a wide network of distribution points all over the country.